Crazy Awesome Engagement Sessions

April 02, 2015

The engagement session is the perfect excuse to hang out with my clients, get to know a LOT about you, and allow you to get used to being photographed by me. These are big advantages in crafting a comfortable, smooth, positive experience for my couples.

The key to a great engagement session is trust. 

The location and clothes and backgrounds are all factors that help to build that trust and confidence in you and your partner so that you will fall even more in love with what I do.

Here’s some crazy simple tips I have learned over the years that help me to maximize these shoots and craft a relationship of trust with every couple.

1. Hang out for a bit

My goal with every wedding that I photograph is to show up on the wedding day like I was an old friend that just happen to have fancy camera. The more comfortable you are with me as a person, the more you will open up in front of the camera and enjoy the experience.

2. To document the love story

I am photographing the love stories of everyday people who have never been in front of a professional photographer before. Even the cutest, most outgoing couple has no idea what you’re doing in front of a camera, but you will thrive under direction from me, the photographer. I will tell you when you are looking fantastic, and get excited when the images are turning out amazing.

Start by I will tell you where to put your hands, where to look with your eyes etc. Eventually you will learn how to be fabulous in front of the camera.

3. Tips

If you love shoes, please wear cute shoes during the session, or a pair of smokin’ hot heels! Even your partner loves to get in on the action and he also can wear his favourite pair of shoes. Think outside of the box with your clothing. Love vintage? How about bring a vintage bicycle and pin up clothing?

Remember you have the permission to be creative!

4. Bring some props

One of the tips that I give my couples is to bring a prop that is either fun or significant to their relationship – bikes, hats, skateboards, surfboards, their dogs, or even their cars! This brings an element of spontaneity, creativity, and originality to the shoot which makes the session all the more fun for us and memorable for you!

5. Choose locations that are significant

Much the same as the prop, I like to shoot at locations that are significant to the couple in order to tell a more complete picture of your love story – your new house, the spot where he proposed, the place where you two met, a hobby you both enjoy together. Remember that the engagement pictures are about capturing who you are at an incredibly special time in your live.

Remember be authentic with your personality. The more authentic and honest you are in front of the camera, the more authentic and honest the images will be.

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